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New release v0.6

+ New wizard, or should I say _now_ there's a wizard ;) with a "recent project list" ; the max number of recent project isn't yet added to the settings window but you can set it in ~/.wired/wired.conf : in the [Recent] group (created at first launch) "max_recent=". Defaults to 20.
+ Saving now works for the BeatBox and the Wired Sampler (rest of plugins coming soon)
+ Midi files can now be loaded on AMD64 (and hopefully on all 64bits platforms).
+ Saving of midi pattern created with a midi keyboard (and the wired sampler) to a .mid file ; though it may not be useful anywhere else than in wired.
Also, when changing something in the settings, all plugins are removed with no warning... Sorry about that : this way, the restart of audio doesn't crash wired anymore when there are plugins in the rack panel.
This may change when the plugin API is rethought... *But*, midi devices are saved so now you can use a midi keyboard with an existing wired session.

On the "to do and will be done soon" list (in chronological order):
- Saving of loop sampler (as soon as I get to know how to use it ;)) and other internal plugins (crusher and reverb)
- Saving of external plugins ; this will take a bit more time : we need to rethink the plugin API. We need to rethink it also for adding automation (some day between next month and February).
- Update of wxWidgets dependency : yes, we're still in 2.6...

I'll try to make an ebuild (Gentoo) of the subversion version
( as soon
as possible.


Posted by DAGORN Alexandre 2007-12-05

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