MP3 plugin

  • xtal256

    xtal256 - 2008-03-22

    Hi again, is there an mp3 or possibly wma plugin that i can get to open/save as MP3 or WMA format?

    • Doomsday

      Doomsday - 2008-03-23

      Not yet, but we're looking for some developers to include these codecs in Wired..
      You need to save as WAV file and convert them with some other utilities.

    • xtal256

      xtal256 - 2008-03-24

      Ok, thanks. Can Wired use DLLs for codec plugins or does it have to be hard coded?

      • Doomsday

        Doomsday - 2008-03-25

        Hard coded :)

        • Pierre-Jean Leger

          Some times ago, we tried to implement Gstreamer API ......not so sure that was a good idea .....


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