Windows port and wired-libs-win32

  • xtal256

    xtal256 - 2008-03-12

    Hi, Wired looks awesome and i would love to try it but i am using Windows and i can't find the wired-libs-win32 package needed to compile under Windows. win32\readme says to get wired-libs-win32 from but i can't get onto that site. I don't want to download and install all the libs seperately so i would appreciate it if someone told me where the wired libs package is or send it to me. Even better if someone could make an installer for Windows.

    • xtal256

      xtal256 - 2008-03-17

      I just realised that even if i do download all those additional libraries, some compile with Microsoft Visual C++ (MSVC) and not MinGW. MSVC creates .lib files but GCC uses .a files. How can i do this?

      • Doomsday

        Doomsday - 2008-03-17

        Help from Oxesoft or Win32 developers will be appreciated.

    • xtal256

      xtal256 - 2008-03-21

      Never mind. Some guy at GameDev found <a href=>this link</a> for me. It has a win32 installer for the latest version (0.6).

    • Ferriske

      Ferriske - 2008-05-18

      Now, this is rude that the developers aren't able to make a jerk installer for linux, but not even for windows. Good luck making the software distributed.


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