** VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to help packaging Wired

  • Colin Laplace

    Colin Laplace - 2006-03-20


    The Wired development team is in need of people who can volunteer to build wired binary packages for various linux distributions.
    If you have skills in this field and think you could help the project by doing so, please reply to this thread.


    • syncat

      syncat - 2006-03-20

      I could help to create gentoo ebuilds

    • marv_b

      marv_b - 2006-03-20

      I would try to build and package for slackware.

    • tenzintrepp

      tenzintrepp - 2006-03-22

      yeah...nice release! would be cool when a ubuntu-packed is avaiable....I cant build myself :)

    • wulax

      wulax - 2006-03-24

      I recently compiled Wired 0.2 on Ubuntu (5.10). It seems to work pretty good, except for an issue similar to the one described in: http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=1465232&forum_id=409329 which apparently is a a bug in how portaudio deals with alsa. There is no sound output except noice...

      I guess I could give a shot making a package for Ubuntu, but a problem is that OpenOffice which is installed by default in Ubuntu depends on portaudio v18, so you either need to remove those two, or install portaudio v19 alongside v18. I don't know how that would work...

    • Paul Dorman

      Paul Dorman - 2006-03-27

      I'd be happy to have a go at building an unofficial package for Debian unstable. It would be great to have some documentation though on what the packages need to contain (as in metadata, documentation, etc). Been looking forward to this for a long time! :o)

    • tenzintrepp

      tenzintrepp - 2006-04-04

      hey wulax,

      any news from the ubuntu package? I tried the debian one but it didn't worked out...so it would be great if someone can make a ubuntu package...

      thx, anyway....

      and good work with the 0.2!!!

      • wulax

        wulax - 2006-04-04

        Well, since there is obviously something wrong with portaudio and it doesn't seem possible to get any sound at the moment I have not made any ubuntu packages yet. When it works for me I will announce them.

    • jaguaro

      jaguaro - 2006-04-07

      Hi all, I have compiled WIRED-778-svn on OpenSUSE 10.0 and built an rpm... who want test it?

    • jaguaro

      jaguaro - 2006-04-07

      OpenSUSE 10.0

      Wired 0.2 http://jagu.no-ip.org/wired-0.2.i586.rpm

      Wired 778 svn http://jagu.no-ip.org/wired-778-svn.i586.rpm

      Please test and say me!

      By by, Jaguaro


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