3d sound (dolby) in wired?

  • tenzintrepp

    tenzintrepp - 2006-04-10

    I search a programm where I can play and manipulate diffrend sound channels...and give them out on a "surround" machine...

    It would be cool if the manipulation can made through something like a timeline (like its in non-linear videoediting software)

    you know what I mean? and does wired have something?

    if not...anybody knows a programm who got that?


    • Louis Carrese

      Louis Carrese - 2006-04-12

      Multi channel management is a work in progress.
      However, at this point of the development, we prefer focusing on debugging and having a stable and as usable as possible version of Wired.

      In the future, such kind of work would be possible by using multi channel and automation. We thought about it, and it should be done someday. These features are part of our goals but I cannot assure you yet when it will be done.

      A global roadmap should be soon available and next features will be announced when we'll have done more debug.

      Stay in touch with Wired.

    • tenzintrepp

      tenzintrepp - 2006-05-05

      hello carres_l

      Very nice to hear that multichannel-support is in work... I hope you guys make it very usefull :) would be cool to fade soft bettween the channels and make nice 3d sound effects and songs (thats one thing that the most dont know how cool it is when you her good 3d sound means: in year 2000 and more = stereo sucks :)

      ps. where is your official irc (chat) channel?

    • Louis Carrese

      Louis Carrese - 2006-05-08

      our irc channel :
      #wired-devel on freenode

      No public announcement of it has yet been made, but feel free to come...


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