Next release?

  • Paul Dorman

    Paul Dorman - 2005-06-29

    Hi all, wondering when the next release is likely to come out. CVS doesn't look very busy.... :O)

    • Pierre-Jean Leger

      Hi Paul,
      Trust me, we are maybe as impatient as you are to see this
      0.2 coming out :-).
      Unfortunately, we have lot of work those days (we're still students) but we are working on Wired more than ever.
      I don't want to give you any precise date (if only I could...)
      but be shure to see something new in the very next weeks...
      Thank you for you interest about Wired, and I hope you'll finally enjoy this 0.2, and even the the following ones !


    • syncat

      syncat - 2005-07-25

      Hi, I just can't wait untill next version. Are you guys now able to tell next releases date?

      Thanks, wired is very cool ;)


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