Project Status?

  • Yoda Cowles

    Yoda Cowles - 2006-02-28

    Is this project still under active development?

    • nicodein

      nicodein - 2006-03-01

      yes, more precisely it is under active debugging ;)

    • Doomsday

      Doomsday - 2006-03-01

      New release is coming soon :)

      (already annouced :/)

      • syncat

        syncat - 2006-03-01

        I already can't sleep, almost a half a year because of waiting for a new beta release :(

    • Pierre-Jean Leger

      Rrrrraaaaah !
      hum, I can only apologize about that.

      We just need to make some changes in 3 plugins before this so awaited release . . .

      But I don't want to say much more...

    • wulax

      wulax - 2006-03-18

      Man, I hope to see a new release soon. This project is great!

    • wulax

      wulax - 2006-03-18

      Hehe, as soon as I posted this I saw you just uploaded a new package today! Great! Now I'll just have to compile it. :)

      • syncat

        syncat - 2006-03-18

        I just can't wait to build it! :)


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