• paws

    paws - 2005-03-23

    I just compiled Wired today. It made me wipe OSX from my secondary Mac and install Linux again cos it looked so sweeeeet. And thus far it's living up to what I expected, even with all the alpha quirks.

    BUT: I think you need to put some work into making this more "standards compliant". It *needs* to work with Jack and maybe host LADSPA plugins to make sense in a Linux audio environment. What you have is looking very promising indeed, and I understand that it's early days yet and so on and so forth, but IMHO the most important thing to make this usable is Jack support for it to play nice with other apps.


    • Colin Laplace

      Colin Laplace - 2005-03-24

      Portaudio (the library we use for managing sound cards), has jack support, but we never really tested it. You can try by yourself by recompiling portaudio with Jack suppoer (./configure --enable-jack) and let us know about what you find :)
      Also, we are looking into supporting DSSI, which also supports LADSPA and VST.


      • paws

        paws - 2005-03-25

        I compiled PortAudio with Jack support first (or rather, I did not specify) and that caused the problem I described in the help forum (playback wouldn't start). At least I think that was what caused the problem, as recompiling without Jack has fixed it. Could be the elves though (you know - the ones that make software suddenly work after you reboot etc. etc.).

        Transport sync is IMHO a must as well... but for all I know it already works:)

        Anyways, keep up the good work!


        • Colin Laplace

          Colin Laplace - 2005-03-25

          Ok, thanks, we need to investigate that more.
          For transport sync, Wired should already react to
          Play and Stop MIDI messages. Tempo and clock sync isn't done yet though.


    • Christoph Kummerer

      I'd like to second paws' views, a _native_ jack driver is a _must_ -
      pa is just too much of  a drag (and quite likely the reason why current cvs crashes for me all the time - with jack), so many ppl
      put so much work into ladspa plugins and development of dssi and
      stuff that would just be terrible to reinvent inside wired.

      A working jack driver would mean piping output through pd or
      supercollider right into ardour or jammin' to master and record

      jack transport != midi start/stop/clock BTW



    • spoonboiler

      spoonboiler - 2005-06-04

      would love that too, for sure!
      but, this is a reply to the Love this software part rather than the But part :)
      I love this software too! I haven't worked it out all the way yet, but you have a really amazing start with wired; i see this becoming one of the linux audio 'flagships' so to speak, something that in time will inspire people to try out linux audio.
      actually, it was one of the things that drew me in :)
      thanx very much.


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