• Louis Carrese

    Louis Carrese - 2006-05-18

    Wired-0.2.2 has just been released !
    Try it right now by browsing to the downloads section.

    You'll find in this version a lot of fixed bug. We hope this release will be as usable as possible so you'll be able to test it out. We should have fixed every major crash, provided you act friendly with it.
    However, don't hesitate to try it hard, to report bugs and to contribute in the forums or even just to give feedback, it's always a pleasure.
    If you have any problem, you should also try the wired-libs-0.2 before reporting.

    We'll try from now on to make more and more releases as Wired grows up. Next release should be numbered 0.3 and include a Media Library.
    We may move from autotools to scons and by the way simplify the installation process (we may include a portaudio snapshot within our sources for example). Having all the dependencies problems solved will allow us to provide binaries.
    In parallel, the debugging work will go on.
    We are also working on a new website, which will provide a more 'end-user' and 'community' oriented interface.

    Stay tuned with Wired !

    • Daniel Moura

      Daniel Moura - 2006-06-28

      I didn't know SCons. After read the FAQ, it looks a reasonable idea. Autotools and Make are powerful but a bit obsolete. The syntax of them hard do understand, and the final generated result (Makefile, at compiling step) is horrible to our eyes.


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