Development stalled?

  • David (djst) Tenser

    This project looks extremely interesting to me. I have played around with FruityLoops and this looks very similar. It's just that the last news blurb on the site was from June. Are there any development roadmaps or milestones set? When is 0.3 coming out? I can't compile 0.2x here for lots of reasons. That's why I'm eager to try 0.3 which is said to be easier to build.

    • Louis Carrese

      Louis Carrese - 2006-09-06


      There has been a big break during the July and August months. However, it was just a break and we are back on the tracks.
      The 0.3 has been delayed a number of times but should come soon =/ (problems with portaudio integration are almost solved).
      And about a roadmap, it is one of the things we are going to start one of these days. It will come included in an effort to clean up the development process that will include other things (documentation, ....)

      Thanks for showing interest in Wired.
      Stay in touch!


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