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Why is this project so dead?

So it's been over 2 years since I posted a news. I tried to write some code in C++, but there were issues with net-snmp integration. Then I was looking at Vala, which I found a very interesting programming tool, but I didn't play with it much. I don't think I'll be working on this project anymore for the following reasons:
* I have poor programming skills
* The project is not getting any significant attention neither from users not programmers
* I want to spend less time sitting in front of my computer
* I don't work with SNMP anymore as I've been dealing with cloud-based systems recently
I would scrub this project away from SF, but it's not possible, so it has to be here.... read more

Posted by Maciek Kolbusz 2011-05-08


SVN repository was rebranched today and the new C++ code was imported to the main trunk. The previous content of the trunk was moved to branches/0.2/trunk. There probably won't be any more releases out of that branch, but it's a good new as C++ is more likely to compile on various platforms and the app works way faster than Perl script.

Posted by Maciek Kolbusz 2009-03-14

Perl No More!

WiR3D will be rewritten in C/C++. This is because there are some limitations in Perl which affect the development and usability of the application. The biggest issues are:

* incomplete implementation of threads in Perl
* OpenGL for Perl often can't be compiled/installed cleanly
* no up-to-date widgets for integration of OpenGL into GTK which make it necessary to have to event loops and synchronize them manually... read more

Posted by Maciek Kolbusz 2009-03-05

New video: Highlights from WiR3D v0.2

The new video has been released on YouTube presenting new features of WiR3D v0.2. You can watch it under this link:



Posted by Maciek Kolbusz 2008-08-11

WiR3D v0.2 released

I'm happy to announce the new release of WiR3D. The 0.2 version is pure Perl, so no compilation is required to install it. New features and improvements are available including:

* SNMPv3
* multiple SNMP profiles per scan/subnet

and more. The package can be obtained from Download section (https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=213445).

Posted by Maciek Kolbusz 2008-07-24

Project web page redesigned

Some of you might notice the project web page had been changed. The static content was reduced and all the documentation and informations were imported into Wiki.

Posted by Maciek Kolbusz 2008-07-20

WiR3D v0.2

The next release of WiR3D is incoming. New improvements were implemented:

* support for SNMPv3
* support for multiple SNMP profiles
* new GUI powered by GTK2 widgets

v0.2 is currently in alpha stage. The code has been uploaded to SVN repo only recently. Stay tuned for more news.

Posted by Maciek Kolbusz 2008-05-02

New video: WiR3D presented at FOSDEM 2008

The video of WiR3D Lightning Talk is available for download at http://video.fosdem.org. The file is called FOSDEM-wir3d.ogg and is located in the 2008/lightningtalks folder. The copy was uploaded to YouTube and can be watched under this link:


Posted by Maciek Kolbusz 2008-03-06

WiR3D Lightning Talk scheduled

My lightning talk presentation has been scheduled for 14:20 on Sunday, February 24, 2008. See the highlight here:

-- Maciek

Posted by Maciek Kolbusz 2008-02-13

WiR3D at FOSDEM 2008

I have been accepted for lightning talks at FOSDEM 2008 (http://fosdem.org). During my speech to present my ideas of LAN topology discovery, visualization and usage I'll mention WiR3D. Hopefully my presentation will attract the attention of the audience and new programmers will join the project.

-- Maciek

Posted by Maciek Kolbusz 2008-02-05

libgdamm vs. libsqlitewrapped

The 0.1a-20080205 release of LANout supports libgdamm. libsqlitewrapped has been removed.

Posted by Maciek Kolbusz 2008-02-05

WiR3D video on YouTube.com

Today I put the demonstration video of WiR3D on YouTube.com. It was made with v. 0.1-20080113 of WiR3D. You can see the video under this link:
or you can download 11MB MPEG file from the project website at SF.net:

Posted by Maciek Kolbusz 2008-01-15

Today's release

In the new package released today LANout v. 0.1-20080113 has been included to make 3D scenes look nicer.

Posted by Maciek Kolbusz 2008-01-13

Latest updates

The latest updates in v. 0.1-20080111 include LANout binary, which support text labels for nodes in 3D layout.

More details on LANout can be found here:

Posted by Maciek Kolbusz 2008-01-11

The project is launched!

The WiR3D project was launched at SourceForge.net today.

Posted by Maciek Kolbusz 2008-01-05

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