maybe -hope- you can help me.

I create a warfile with talend open studio and start winstone with the following parameters:
java -jar winstone-1.0.5-boot.jar --warfile=Packer_0.1.war --httpPort=8045 --ajp13Port=8010 --prefix=myservice

If I try to call the url

i get:
Status Code: 404
Exception: Request URL /Packer_0.1/services/Packer?method=runJob not found.<br><br>

If I do the same with tomcat it works.
What's my problem with winstone?

If you are interested in the war file you can find it here:

Calling the url just do the following:
looks in the folder c:\done for files with extension msg. If there are some, they would be packed in a zip file in the same folder. It's only a test szenario.