I am new to servlet programming, and found Winstone to be a great starting point. It worked like a charm on the very first invocation.

Some feedback:

I get this WARNING everytime I run Winstone (the lite version).
[Winstone 2009/01/12 17:09:34] - WARNING: The Servlet 2.4/2.5 spec XSD was unavailable inside the winstoneclasspath. Will be retrieved from the web if required (slow).

After this line is printed there is a 10 second pause, before the Http Listener warms up.

Looking at this mailing lists archives is impossible. There's too much of spam. Can this project be hosted on code.google.com (for example) and the mailing list as a Google group? code.google.com also has a wiki makes documentation easier to mange. (I am not trying to advocate Google specifically, but I had a good experience on those sites).

Harshad RJ