Hello, first let me say that winstone rocks. I tried Jetty, Jersey/Grizzly and Glassfish, and winstone, is hands down the simplest cleanest way to add a web interface to a Java application. Thanks for making it available to us. Now on to my question.

I have created a jar that has my application and my web application in it. The structure of the jar looks something like this:



 -- com/example/pojos/MyMain.class



         -- classes


         -- jsps


         -- web.xml

I am running my app, by placing this jar in the classpath (winstone's jar is also in the classpath), and using a pojo inside it to fire up winstone from within another application. In the pojo (MyMain.class in the example above) I pass this same jar as the warfile, like:

winstonePropsMap.put("warfile", installationDirStr + "/myapp-1.0-webapp.jar");

it runs and winstone finds the webapp inside and it works. However, it would be nice if it could locate this jar using the classpath, instead of having to craft a path on the filesystem. Is there some way to accomplish this with winstone?

Thank you


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