like very often the question is: Is it a bug or is the bug sitting between the chair and the monitor?
I can't get the --config commandline parameter to work if winstone is embedded in my application.
Here's my working start up command (Start winstone from a windows batch):
java -jar winstone-0.9.10.jar --webappsDir=../webapps  --config=../conf/winstone/winstone.properties
Now, if I embed winstone in my Java app like this:
 Map<String,String> args = new HashMap<String,String>();
 args.put("config", "c:/workspace_rcp/docviewer/conf/winstone/winstone.properties");
 args.put("webappsDir", root + "/webapps");
 args.put("useJasper", "true");
 args.put("debug", "9");
then it is NOT working.
Yes, the given path is correct. Winstone even states the correct path when starting:
[Winstone 2009/12/27 09:20:04] - Winstone startup arguments: {debug=9, config=c:/workspace_rcp/docviewer/conf/winstone.properties, webappsDir=C:\workspace_rcp\docviewer/webapps, useJasper=true}

AND Yes, I've checked all kinds of file separators including '\' '\\' '/'.
For me it looks as if Winstone is simply ignoring the config parameter when the Launcher is embedded.
Thanks for any hints in advance,