Windows 7 window moving/resizing

  • kuludown

    kuludown - 2011-08-22

    I have a program that i always want to launch at -50 off the top of the screen . Windows seems to not want to launch programs off screen and overrides winsize on the program's launch. However, when I remove focus from and then click on the window, it moves off the screen as desired.
    Is there an easier way to work around this behavior so I don't have to click the window each time the computer starts?

  • Magra

    Magra - 2011-08-23

    I tryed this (Y = -50) to hide the menue bar under XP Prof as well as under W7 Prof with 2 different programs.

    Both programs were repositioned at launch out of the desktop region without having to activate the window.

    What is the name of the program you have problems with ??? Please send the Magrasoft directory as described in Ch. 8.

  • kuludown

    kuludown - 2011-09-03

    i am using click-n-type onscreen keyboard.
    also just now tested this with other apps and they function correctly when moving off screen… must be an issue with this particular piece of software.

  • Magra

    Magra - 2011-09-08

    i tested winsize2 with Win7 Prof: The remove worked well with "log out" and with "restart windows" and also with start click-n-type from the desktop.

    What do you mean with:

    also just now tested this with other apps and they function correctly when moving off screen… must be an issue with this particular piece of software

    Sorry: Can't help you without sending the files described in the chapter "8. How can i help you"

  • kuludown

    kuludown - 2011-09-13

    sorry, i meant that i added a line to move explorer off the screen when launching it. that worked fine, but the same type of setup did not work for click-n-type. sometimes the click-n-type window will move to its correct location and other times not. if you resize the window it does not always bounce back. i tried the "always" checkbox to keep the window in place and this seems to help most of the time.
    one caveat may be that click-n-type changes it's class name depending on what program has focus beneath it.
    i will see about getting those winsize files emailed to you.

  • Magra

    Magra - 2011-09-21


    hope that I did not miss any of your messages. If you sent any Magrasoft-directories appended directly to my mailbox, please do so again.

    Any other open questions?

  • kuludown

    kuludown - 2011-12-28

    pretty sure i've figured this issue out as i can reproduce it with just about any program.
    if an app that is supposed to be moved/resized opens in the background, it does not get moved until you select it and give it focus. after logging in to windows, you cannot guarantee that an app has focus and therefore it will not get moved as expected.

  • kuludown

    kuludown - 2011-12-28

    more specifically i am trying to move an automatically launched app  but since it is launching in windows startup, i cannot guarantee the app to be moved has focus.


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