Re-Compile with New Icon

Andy Kerr
  • Andy Kerr

    Andy Kerr - 2009-03-23

    Great little app - extremely useful.

    Have a bit of a cosmetic issue with the icon used, so thought I would re-compile the .ahk files with a new icon which appeared to work fine, indeed the app works fine apart from the Message Codes -so the Sys tray right click menu displays message codes rather than the actual message text text.

    The additional parameters is the same.

    Is there a way round this (sorry I am a fairly basic AHK user - written a couple of 5 line apps - but this blows my mind). So all the include files are beyond me (I understand the concept but not how it relates to compiling the .ahk files)



    • Magra

      Magra - 2009-03-24

      Hi Phat,

      recompiling is done by:

      "%ProgramFiles%\Autohotkey\Compiler\Ahk2Exe.exe" /in %Dest%.ahk /icon "WinSize2.ico"

      Remark: the "/icon" which should include the icon into the exe did not work.

      But: When you only see the message numbers instead of the message strings: The message file (WinSize2_Lang_EN.Msg for the English version) cannot be accessed (handbook chapter 6.2.2).

      !When you work with the sources instead of the .exe you should copy the .ahk-files to the working dir (from "Source" to the parent dir).

      When you reworked the icon, could you send it to me?

      Thanks Magra.

    • Andy Kerr

      Andy Kerr - 2009-04-14

      Hi Magra,

      Sorry I haven't responded, I actually gave up on the above when I realised you could hide the icon anyway.

      Thanks for the advice, I may still give it a go.

      If you are interested the Icon I was going to use was the Windows 7 cursor icon - so I doubt you could release Winsize with this icon (which is a shame because it is actually a pretty nice icon and to me it prefectly embodies what Winsize does).

      If I do re-compile, will send you a copy. As you probably noticed by experience with AHK is non-existent (I just compile some of the scripts I find on the forums).

      Thanks again.



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