Can´t start Winsize...need help

  • Mr.Size

    Mr.Size - 2011-10-04


    i used this very nice tool a long time but now with Win7 64-Bit and Matrox Triplehead2go (3 Screens) there seems to be an issue with starting it.  I downloaded latest WinSize2_2.38.04 and if starting WinSize2_Update.exe, i can see the Winsize Icon in the right notifications tray of the taskbar. In the upper corner of my left screen a "Winsize2_Update.exe 2.38.04" message apears but nothing else. Double click at Winsize-icon at notification tray with no reaction. With right click i can choose "Suspend Hotkeys", "Pause Script" and "Exit". Its not possible to open the programms window as usual.

    Do i need to install an older version of Winsize and the "Update" with WinSize2_2.38.04? Wasn´t there an installer in earlier versions? Can i delete it completely somehow from system to reset and "reinstall"? Maybe there is a problem with my resolution 5040x1050?

    I really hope you can offer a solution for this really outstanding tool…


  • Magra

    Magra - 2011-10-05

    1. Hover the mouse cursor over the WinSize2-tray and your will see the hotkey. Is it correct?

    1a. Does the "Special Parameters" work correctly?

    1b. You can activate the pause scripts an other. Does 1a. work?

    2. there is no installer. Just copy all files to the program dir and start winsize2_update.exe. You should have write accecss to that dir.

    2a. You can delete your "installation" at any time by e.g. deleting C:\program files\winsize2. your personal file are untouched - see handbook.
    I have no possibilies checking 5000*1000 installation but i don't see any problem now.

    3. if anything fails look at the personal directory - may help

    3a. or send the personal dir according chapter 8 of the Handbook.

  • Mr.Size

    Mr.Size - 2011-10-05

    I reinstalled again and suddenly it works!
    Now i can use the Hotkey as usual. I don´t know why - maybe you have some positive telepathic influence to your "Baby" ;-)
    Many thanks magra19 for taking time to help me and also big thank for this very useful tool which is so handy :-)


  • Magra

    Magra - 2011-10-13


    looks very good

    Best wishes


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