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Andy Kerr
  • Andy Kerr

    Andy Kerr - 2009-04-14

    Just wanted to say thanks for a really great app (was previously using ZMover - but Winsize is so much slicker in operation).

    I have recently come up with one problem - I normally work on a laptop and have just got hold of a 22" monitor - so I now move between the two (laptop resolution and 22" screen) - it would be incredibly useful to be able to flip between two seperate profiles for Winsize based on screen resolution.

    Would be fine to select the profile manually (and then for Winsize to default to last used profile), but would be fantastic if Winsize could recognise the current resolution and apply the correct profile automatically.

    Also a very minor thing - but is there anyway to persuade Winsize to use default system fonts (or allow font selection) for the Special Parameters dialog (currently the tabs use the system font, but the controls and labels seem to default to Verdana ? Would prefer Tahoma 8 pt - as it is the standard system font on XP). But just a minor cosmetic issue.

    Thanks again for a really fantastic app - I love it.


    • Magra

      Magra - 2009-04-15

      Hi Phat,

      nice to hear from you again.

      1. Profiles depending on the size of the screen could be realized I think.

      2. Changing to Tohama 8pt could be done (making the size of the Special Parameters a little bit smaller. Selectable: ???

      These will not be in 2.21 which will be released soon. But I'll keep it in mind.

      Thanks for your hints.

      • Andy Kerr

        Andy Kerr - 2009-04-15

        Hi Magra,

        Thanks for considering those, profiles would be fantastic if poss.

        Looking forward to the 2.21 release.

        Any hints as to what will be included ?

        Many thanks



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