how to bind to monitor foo, size unchanged

  • Justa_Guy

    Justa_Guy - 2010-10-10

    I'm doing some batch operations in Irfanview, and i can make the jpeg I open always start the app on Monitor 2 per Matrox Desktop Manager settings- it can define where all apps open.

    If I run Winsize2, I have to define a size & position for all windows whose title matches string foo.

    This is a problem because the window title changes between open / copy / paste / save operations. Not to mention single OK button dialog boxes that would sometimes become maximized during testing while I looked for a way to make it work.

    How can I set this properly?

  • Magra

    Magra - 2010-10-11

    I did not really understand what your problem is.

    The answer to "bind to a monitor, size unchanged" is: set the x- and y-positions to the value you want to have, set width and height both to -1. (-1 = do not change)

    If you have other questions which are more detailed, please send the MagraSoft-directory as described in the handbook and tell me in detail the window titles and what they do (are positioned to) and what you do not want that they do.



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