#31 Need exe64 in order to use 64 bit java


In my ini file for winrun4j java exe wrapper I set vm.version.min=1.7 to specify Java 7 as a requirement. But when I ran it I couldn't get winrun4j to recognise that I had a java 7 jre installed even though java -version from the command line returned it.

On further investigation I realized that my Java 7 installation was 64bit whereas my Java 6 installation was 32bit. I then found that winrun4j has some 64bit version of its commands (ie rcedit64), if I built an appname64.exe rather than appname.exe it no longer complained about Java 7.

So can someone confirm this was the issue that I need a 64bit exe to run a 64bit jvm
Secondly if this is the case how do I present this to the user, I'm wrapping the installer as an exe so does that mean I need to provide the user with both an installer.exe and a installer64.exe and explain to the user to pick the right one not based on their processor but based on what version of java they have installed32bit or 64bit)

Couldn't winrun4j provide a 32bit program that could o the following:
if cpu is 32 bit then run 32bit.exe
if cpu is 64 bit run 64 bit.exe, if unable to find 64 bit java try 32bit exe.


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