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WinPackMan 0.55a Released

Verion 0.55 of the Windows Package Manager should be available shortly on the SourceForge mirrors. It fixes a few big bugs, and can now be updated using itself.

I'm not very good at these things, so I'll leave it at that :)

Posted by Anonymous 2006-04-27

WinPackMan 0.54a released!

Windows Package Manager v0.54a is now available. It is a HIGHLY recommended upgrade. This release fixes a number of bugs, including a memory leak/resource issue that would cause the interface to turn, well, not so pretty, espectially during downloading. Also, a much better dependency system is implemented, as well as silent installs (if the database contains the correct information).

There are also a lot of little tweaks, so grab it!... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2006-03-20

Database Open For Business!

Users registerd on the WinPackMan site can now request changes to the database, including adding, modifying, updating, and removing entries. The site is available at and also via the front page of the WinPackMan site.

There will be another relase of the client software very soon (in the next week or so).



Posted by Anonymous 2006-03-16

WinPackMan Version 0.53a Released

Alpha Version 0.53a of the Windows Package Manager has been released. This fixes a few problems, but adds a lot of important features. A complete list can be found in the changelog at the SourceForge project page, and more information, including the forums, can be found at . Enjoy :)

Posted by Anonymous 2006-02-16