#63 Remove begin/end whitespaces from translated strings

Kimmo Varis

As reported by Polyvios J. Simopoulos to translations-mailing-list.

We have many strings that have a whitespace in the beginning or in the end of the string. That just causes confusion and is potential place for errors. We should add needed whitespace programmatically. The strings are:


1730: msgid " Folder Compare Progress"
2147: msgid " Categories"
3835: " Please, check config spec of used view.\n"
3836: " Undo checkout operation?"
3846: " Please, check config spec of used view. " (Also at the end)
4558: " With the current options, they will be unified to the main type.\n"
4559: " Do you want to change the options and preserve the different EOL ?"
(not sure whether the following need to be altered, but,
for completeness:)
5210: msgid " B"
5215: msgid " KB"
5220: msgid " MB"
5225: msgid " GB"
5230: msgid " TB"
5235: msgid " PB"


3337: msgid "[F] "
5135: msgid "Macintosh "


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