#98 Non-tree mode expands all files?

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WinMerge version in use: (Windows 7 64 bit)

When I compare two directory trees I might have a test directory on the 'Left' side which I do not want on the Right' side.

Lets say that directory is XXX and it has 20 files in it.

In WinMerge when I diffed the two sides only the XXX would show up. (I think this also occurred in some latter version.)
In WinMerge in the same case XXX shows up but so does every file in XXX.

I don't want the 20 files to show up. By definition if the folder isn't there the files are not there either so it is pointless to display them.

So how do I get them to not display?

Filters is not a solution because XXX is a standin for a random name, which would not apply generically.
Hiding the folder does no good because it doesn't remove the files (which would almost seem like a bug.)
Turning off missing files completely on the Left is not a solution because I do want to see missing files (those in directories on both sides) and directories themselves like XXX.

So what is the solution?


  • jschell

    jschell - 2010-11-11

    I have confirmed that version has the same behavior as the version (it doesn't expand all of the files.)

    That is the version before the 'tree' display was added.

  • Aaron

    Aaron - 2010-12-22

    Experimental version 2.13.12 had a new 'Options (Compare > Folder)' setting:

    'Include unique subfolders contents'

    which could be disabled to avoid the following problem:

    During (non-Tree Mode) folder compare, if a folder is missing from one side it also lists all of the missing items beneath that folder as missing too.

    I'll attach a snapshot of the Options dialogue.

    The latest alpha version (v2.13.20) no longer has this option, and because 'Tree Mode' is no good for quickly synching two top-level folders I've had to revert to v213.12 again.

    Please bring back this option so that I can disable it!


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