#93 Comparison Result showing incorrect values


I scripted off all my database object files as separate files for before and after changes and compared results but to my horror winmerge showed objects I had changed as Comparison Result - Text files are identical which was clearly false when I compared the files the were not identical. Please fix asap as this is a not how the tool should work. Using latest version in Windows XP and files are unicode.


  • Matthias

    Matthias - 2009-10-15

    whitch kind of files are you compareing UTF-8/Ansi or UTF-16?
    how are your settings, plugins etc.

    See there is no convert in foldercompare, so not all is orking as expected
    can you upload some sample files?

  • Peter Sarfas

    Peter Sarfas - 2011-01-31

    They are UTF-16/UNICODE. If you use SQL Express 2008 and script off a sample database as individual objects save these in FolderBefore, then make changes to the database objects and script the individual objects to FolderAfter. Load WinMerge and compare these folders you will see some objects that you have changed are not showing as different.


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