#84 mark rest of line instead of single char


I use WinMerge 2.10.2 Unicode, Win XP-SP3 to compare hex files. The lines of the files consists of about 200 ASCII chars without blank. They represents machine code. Sometimes one char in the line is wrog. "View line difference on character level" ist switched on. If a difference of only ONE char occurs, the whole rest of the line will be marked. Its heavy to find char differences if a difference occurs at begin of line. Is there a possibility to mark only the wrong chars, instead of all well characters at the rest of the line?


  • Larry D

    Larry D - 2009-02-24

    I have the same problem. I believe character-level difference is not working, looks like a bug. When I have it enabled and compare these 2 lines:

    File1: This is a test

    File2: This is b tett

    I get five characters highlighted as different "b tet". But only "b" and "t" should be highlighted.
    Makes it extremely difficult to compare long strings with few character diffs indeed!


  • Matthias

    Matthias - 2009-08-24

    use latest release 2.13.8 it will work now. Limit vis only there must be min two char same between two diffs on char level. See there is also a realsing to word break chars.

  • Larry D

    Larry D - 2009-08-27

    release 2.13.8 is an experimental build, seems unavailable when I go to the link.

  • Larry D

    Larry D - 2009-08-31

    Latest release (windows) 2.12.4 still shows the problem. Well it's not fixed since it's open anyways


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