#83 Use hotkey to "Find same as other pane"

GUI (10)

When two files are opened for comparison, you can use Ctrl+F to open the Find dialog. Each of the panes has its own Find history. I would like to have a hotkey which populates a Find dialog in the OTHER pane with the same search terms and criteria as the CURRENT pane.

Example usage:

1) I'm in Pane 1 and hit Ctrl+F
2) I set the checkboxes for the criteria I need, and then enter the search term in the text field
3) I close the Find dialog when I'm finished with the current search

4) I switch to Pane 2 and hit Ctrl+Shift+F (or a different hotkey)
5) The Find dialog appears, with both the text field populated with the search text from Pane 1, as well as the checkboxes set to the same search criteria as in Pane 1

This is proposed to increase productivity.

Currently, we have to do a search in Pane 1, copy the text into the Clipboard, close the Find dialog, switch to Pane 2, open a new Find dialog, paste the text from the Clipboard, and check all the boxes to match the criteria of Pane 1.


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