#70 DST implications


In WinMerge's options menue under the category system is the option to "ignore time difference less than 3 seconds". This is helpfull but it only works around the issue that windows often stores timestamps with a two second resolution only. The other case that windows fails at is DST (daylight savings time) on FAT filesystems vs NTFS filesystems. This can cause a deviation between the time stamps of 3600 seconds (60 sec x 60 min).

The most flexible solution probably would be to provide the ability to have the user specify the amount of seconds (currently fixed to 3) that need to be ignored upon comparison in the options panel.

Does someone know wether the current number of seconds is stored in a user accessible config/ini file or in the registry somewhere so that it could be modified easily without the help of the programmers?

Alternatively one could add a "Ignore daylight savings time difference" option.
Please see the following excellent article by J.W. Schultz for a detailed discussion of the issue!

How the DST Change can adversely affect FAT filesystems: http://samba.anu.edu.au/rsync/daylight-savings.html


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