WinMerge 2.4.10 (stable) released

WinMerge is a tool for visual difference display and merging, for both files and directories.

This version fixes a couple of bugs that were in the 2.4.8 release.
Next stable release will be 2.6.0.

Important changes after 2.4.8 stable release:
- bugfix: crash when closing window with Ctrl+W
- bugfix: PgUp key moved file two screens up
- bugfix: last line in file filter file was not read
- bugfix: sometimes changes done outside WinMerge were not detected when folder compare was refreshed
- bugfix: crash when switching to empty file with F6-key
- bugfix: wrong cursor position after Find caused same text to be found again

The new version can be downloaded from

NOTE: 7-zip plugin installer is downloadable from:

Posted by Christian List 2006-08-14

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