Is winmerge 2.x still being developed?

I'd like to add a feature.  I never bother/remember to save 'projects', so I'd like to add a 'Recent Comparisons' section under the File menu, below Recent Projects.  This would remember comparisons done with Open (the Select Files or Folders dialog), drag-and-drop, and the Explorer right-click option.  It wouldn't remember file comparisons done from within a folder compare.  Am I missing some other ways comparisons can be initiated?

Probably the best way to do this is to make both Recent Projects and Recent Comparison into options with an arrow on the right that pops out the history when you mouseover it. So the file menu would look like this:

    New                     Ctrl+N
    Open...                Ctrl+O
    (blah blah)
    Save Project...
    Recent Projects           >
    Recent Comparisons    >

This should allow the number shortcuts to still work, I think (mouse-over Recent Projects to reveal the list, press '1', and the top recent project should load.  same for recent comparisons).

My questions are..

Is it ok for me to add this?  Or has this been suggested before and rejected?

Is this going to be harder than I think it will be? :D  It doesn't seem too complicated... just have to store two paths per item instead of one

Is this format ok for the recent comparison entries? :
    1  C:\Path\...\filename1.txt <> C:\Path\...\filename2.txt
    2  C:\Path\...\folder1 <> C:\Path\...\folder2
Or maybe the separator should be <--> or <==> or |

Should I do winmerge 3 instead?  Maybe you already have this in wm3?

If you're ok with me adding this, I'll send a patch, as mentioned here:


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