Out of the blue, after years of using WinMerge inside of Dreamweaver, it decided to act up. It takes nearly 30 seconds to compare any two files, either from within Dreamweaver, or if I compare directly from a file folder in Explorer. If I compare folders, it comes up in a snap, as usual. I'm using the latest release from a clean install, and it still does it. I was using 2.8 when it started happening.

I have not installed or uninstalled anything manually in a very long time, so nothing changed as a result of my actions.

However, over the weekend, our network issued SVP 3 for XP Pro. I got that installed automatically. That is the only thing different.

Any clues as to how to get this fixed? It's essentially impossible to use now, with a 30 second wait to just see 2 text files that used to take about 1-2 seconds.