first, thanks for the great program.

I would like to extend DisplayXMLFiles in order to compare xml processing instructions too

I have downloaded (via svn)
and also

but I am unable to detect expat_static project that is required by DisplayXMLFiles project

Here http://winmerge.org/Wiki/XML I have found that something has changed since 2.8 but it seems DisplayXMLFiles uses expat directly (not via SCEW)

... I'm a bit confused

I have recovered an ExpatLib folder from an old WinMerge-2.6.8-src and anything seems ok

So at the end I was able to build a DisplayXMLFiles.dll


So my question are:
why doesn't expat exist any more?
is it correct to recover it from an old version or should I have used a different approach?

I appreciate any hint or help

I have modified the sources to manage xml processing instruction elements: basically I have provided and registered a special expat handler

It's just a little modification: but if you want I can send it, let me know


Marco De Paoli