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when i make directorydiff, i think it is a good idea
mark with difference background color file and dir who
is different.
Also, i think is useful enable user to print the


  • Roberto Armellin

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    useful can be add a toolbar button for filter directory
    difference (show identical, show difference, show only left,
    show only right).
    The user can select with filter toolbar button that type of
    row to see.
    For example if i don't want see the idntical file, i uncheck
    the button "show identical".

  • gr8dude

    gr8dude - 2012-10-30

    I would like to emphasize that this is an important usability issue. I've just spent some time double-checking everything because I knew a difference was supposed to be there, but Winmerge didn't show it.

    There was nothing wrong with the filters; eventually I realized that I just didn't notice the difference - it became evident when I went to the menu and unchecked 'show identical'.

    The problem can be resolved by adding a colour highlight as an additional cognitive aid:

    Why the current implementation is not perfect:
    - lengths of the texts are identical
    - the icon contours are identical too

    There is no visual clue that helps you see things better; one is forced to parse the whole picture at the logical layer in order to grasp the meaning of the displayed information - which takes more time.


    At the bottom of the picture I showed a "normalized" version that simulates what a person perceives at a cognitive level in the first moments of seeing the picture. Once the text is blurred and the icon content and colour are ignored - everything is absolutely identical.

    Based on the above, I would recommend
    - adding a colour highlight
    - rewording the text to make it
    - - shorter: "text files are identical" -> "identical"
    - - different: "identical" -> "equal"

    This way, when you look at a column like this, the length of the text is an additional aid:

    p.s. Dropbox is down at the moment, probably hurricane related; the links are not alive yet, but they will be soon (-:


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