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#225 Wrapper Merge Request

Plugins (27)

I want to keep the existing code, and copy the the new
code bellow or above the existing code with some
predefined block wrapper

#ifdef <NEWCODE_ID>
<my new code block>
<my orginal code>

It would be very nice if all the block wrapper thingis are
configurable such as #ifdef, #else,#endif

I have to do this manually all the time.


  • ganier

    ganier - 2003-12-09

    Logged In: YES

    This feature may be implemented soon. The internal code for
    the wrapper is easy to write. Just need to extend a little bit
    the plugin feature.

    The complicate part is the UI !
    You are not very precise about it. And you don't tell if
    NEWCODE_ID is required to be a fixed value or not. I propose
    to use what exists for a first version.

    All together, that will give :
    - you write a plugin (in VBscript or javascript, that is really
    - the NEWCODE_ID may be hard coded in the plugin or the
    plugin may ask each time for the string. Hard coding is
    probably a good method, as VBscript/javascript plugins are
    easy to edit.
    - to create the wrapper, you will select the diff, right-click to
    open the context menu and select the plugin name.
    - the text will be updated on both sides (or just on one side ?
    Which one ? You may have two plugins, one for each side).

  • Kimmo Varis

    Kimmo Varis - 2003-12-16

    Logged In: YES

    Won't be implemented to WinMerge code. Possible as plugin.
    Lowering priority and setting category to "Plugins".

  • Kimmo Varis

    Kimmo Varis - 2003-12-16
    • labels: 572065 --> Plugins
    • priority: 5 --> 3

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