#1173 FTP Folder and Files Compare


I wish WinMerge would have the option to compare not only files and SAMBA resources, also FTP... i am going to tell you why it is a great idea:

-On Windows XP HOME if you share a folder it is shared for anyone, you can not limit it to a user logon...
-On Windows XP HOME the free FileZilla Server is very easy to install and configure on it a user and Virtual Folders that point to whatever you wish to share

That is the trick... instead of SAMBA use FTP, but hey here is where WinMerge comes on... i have more than one PC and i love to have on all some folders and files, so i can boot onto anyone and use them, modify them, etc... but i do not want them shared over the network (SAMBA) in the way WindowsXP Home does... since i need write permissions, if done on such way anyone can modify whatever they like.... so i use a FTP server on both, so from one i can see the other...

So what about adding a plugin that let you put a ftp url on directory compare boxes? It is only needed a small internal ftp client... and on internet i think it is easy to find source code for that...

So, in little words... why ftp folder and file compare is not allready on WinMerge? Other applications including text editors are including it allready...

From now thanks for a great work on WinMerge... and hope ftp compare will be soon added...

Thanks a lot.


  • z666zz666z

    z666zz666z - 2010-11-23

    Sorry for posting this... i now found it was posted things very similar...

    But, i have posted because i do a serch for "ftp" term and found zero results, nothing... i was not logged... sorry me because after logged i did not repeat the search...

    After posting it i repeat the search and now i fould some more than my post... what? yes, when i was not logged i obtain zero results for term search "ftp" and when logged i obtain more than five... maybe it is a malfunction on the forum enginee???

  • z666zz666z

    z666zz666z - 2010-11-24

    Another aproach could be mounting a ftp site as a drive,
    see http://www.google.es/search?q=netdrive for more details...

    Such program does not work very well on Vista... etc.. but it is just an idea of a very easy way to do it.


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