#2103 All plugins deactivated, but Word plugin still in use

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WinMerge - German Unicode

I wanted to compare two .dot files (plain text files from GraphViz, not from MS Word). They were treated as Word files, so I unchecked "activate plugins" in the plugin list. I even restarted WinMerge, but to no avail. The files are still being filtered and none-existent header information (document properties) is shown. I also cannot re-save the files because there is an error message when the plugin tries to convert the file into a Word template. When I choose the option to save an unpacked copy, the file contains the header info and is thus unusable.

It would be nice if in the plugin list I could manually select the modules I want active. But at least deactivating them all as indicated by the checkbox should work reliably.


  • Alexander Kriegisch

    OMG, I have to select "unpack manually". This is really counter-intuitive. How should I know that WinMerge complains about a plugin problem, but deactivating all plugins has no effect on unpacking plugins? There is just not enough informations in the GUI to see and understand the difference. So please, do not answer like on my last ticket, "it's not a bug, it's a feature", but try to do something about it. Make plugin handling and configuration more visible, more understandable for *all* types of plugins.

  • Roslyn Plewa

    Roslyn Plewa - 2012-04-10

    WinMerge is, euphemistically, stalled. Meaning, it is more or less dead. But WinMerge 2011 fixes its bugs and has much better plugins: https://bitbucket.org/jtuc/winmerge2011/issues


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