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I am using WinMerge Unicode and when I set a bookmark, the bookmark icon does not appear in the margin as described in the Help.
Also, I cannot find any way to enable Line Numbers to appear in the margin, even though Help describes that as an option (at "Comparing and merging files").

I searched Help for "bookmark" but found only "Comparing and merging files" and "Shortcut keys". Neither topic explained how to get the bookmarks to appear. I also searched for line numbers in the "Index", and found only "Comparing and merging files", which did not explain how to enable or disable line numbering.

I looked at each tab in the Options dialog, and did not see any reference to bookmarks or line numbers.

When I view the Configurations file, I see one option under "Editor settings:" called "Show linenumbers". It is currently set to "No". I tried modifying the file (setting the option to "Yes") and restarting WinMerge, but when I viewed the WinMerge.txt file again, it still showed "No" as the value for "Show linenumbers".


  • Christian List

    Christian List - 2012-03-04

    On the View menu, make sure View Margin is turned on to see the bookmarks.
    To see line numbers, make sure that View Line Numbers is also turned on (also found on the View menu)

  • Christian List

    Christian List - 2012-03-04
    • status: open --> closed-works-for-me

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