I have a custom made reseiver/transmiter in COM1
I also have a winfast xp deluxe PCI tuner with an infrared receiver in COM2
I had them both connected and I was using a winlirc client made in VB to control my amplifier, my satelite receiver and the winfast PVR program. Until now I beleived that the commands sent by the trasmiter where received by the winfast receiver and so I could control Winfast PVR. Yesterday I removed the Winfast receiver from COM2 because I wanted to use it for something else. And what I found was that Winfast PVR was still receiving the commands from my VB application allthough the winfast infrared receiver was not connected.
How is this done. Is winfast PVR listening to the TCP port of winLIRC or does intersept the com port ? 
I also tried the following. I close winLIRC server and trid to send command to WINFAST. Nothing happened. I loaded again and it was working. So I must conclude that Winfast PVR is listening to winLIRC. Is this documented anywhere ?