Hi all,
Wow!  At last I can use my funky Creative credit card sized remote for something :)
However ... a few problems I came up against (and am still trying to get around), in the config file that is provided (for my remote) on the LIRC page. WinLIRC doesn't seem to like the following lines:
  min_repeat      1
  toggle_bit      0
(The whole file is at http://www.lirc.org/remotes/creative/CD )
Also, when learning my remote, WinLIRC doesn't seem to pick up the special repeat codes (I'm guessing that's what it is?). If I put in the
  repeat       9039  2363
line from the LIRC config file into the analyzed file generated by WinLIRC, repeats seem to work, but it generates 2 of the "00" occurrence of the button press. Perhaps relevant is the fact that while learning the remote in WinLIRC, if I hold the button down, I get two successful matches, and repeated failures, unless I repeatedly press the button on the remote, in which case it generates the file fine, except for the "repeat", "min_repeat" and "toggle_bit" lines.
I hope there is something that can be done, as I am really enjoying controlling 'doze by remote.