#8 Something with computers sound?

Both or unknown

Hi, ifrst of all, I have to say my english is a little
poor, so please sorry about my mistakes.
The conflict I had, was with a remote {creative CD
remote, don't know why, but with other remotes it
worked ok}, WinLir 0.6.5 and the simple model of
reciever {with a TSOP 1738, voltage regulator,
resistor, capacitor and a diode}. When I push a button
on the remote, WinLirc only will procces it only if no
sound is in my system {I mean, the volume of computer
is at it's lower leve (mute), or no sound is playing at
that moment}. I don't know exactly why, tried lots of
thing (I thought also about a problem of noise made by
the speaker, but even with them unpluged the conflict
persists). Finally I installed an earlier version of
WinLirc (0.6.4), and now there's no conflict. Think
problem can be at the program itself, don't know (I
will see the source to see what is happening, but right
now I can', I have a lot of work :S )

Wish this help you guys make your program even better
{if it's really a programming problem}, and I must say
that you've done a greate work.

Regards AitorC.


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    Hi, it's me again (AitorC), sorry for the mistake, it seems
    that if I enable the 5.1 soundsystem in my soundcard, it
    causes some kind of conflict, since my soundcard is
    integrated in the motherboard, it's probably a hardware
    conflict, maybe don't really know, anyways, WinLirc seems to
    be ok.

    regards AitorC.

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