#2 Suspend-to-RAM incompatible

Windows NT, 2000

Returning from the StR mode WinLIRC doesn't want to
wake up, making me open its window and reload the
config file.
Very pity - the best IR-tracker I've ever seen.


  • Jim Paris

    Jim Paris - 2001-04-28

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    If you can tell us how WinLIRC can detect that the
    system has been suspended and woken up, I can make it
    automatically re-open the port, etc.

  • Jim Paris

    Jim Paris - 2001-04-28
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  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I suppose, you can do the same thing IRAssistant developers
    did - just refresh the WinLirc's status every X minutes -
    sorry, I can't advise anything more detailed.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Windows broadcasts "WM_POWERBROADCAST" to all
    windows signalling APM events. This is what you need to
    check for.
    From experimenting, i got the following info: (i cannot
    translate the wparam since i miss the corresponding header
    the message was received 4 times:

    WPARAM is first 0, then 4.
    then i think the system goes stand-by. After it wakes up
    WPARAM is 7, then 18.

    i am not 100% sure about the time when the system actually

    hope this helps you in developing this real good program!

  • Scott Baily

    Scott Baily - 2002-06-10

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    I think I've got this mostly fixed. Please send me an
    email, so I can send you a test program.
    Also can you please verify that WPARAM 18
    (PBT_APMRESUMEAUTOMATIC) is always sent when WPARAM 7 (is
    My documentation says that PBT_APMRESUMEAUTOMATIC should
    only happen after an unattended wake up event.
    If you press a keyboard button to wake it up and WPARAM 18
    is still sent I think it's pretty safe to assume that we
    only need to check for WPARAM 7 on windows 95.

  • Scott Baily

    Scott Baily - 2002-06-13
    • status: open --> closed
  • Scott Baily

    Scott Baily - 2002-06-13

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    I've added the changes to the CVS version, but I can't fully
    test it because I don't have a suspend to ram option on my


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