#1 Attach monitors on CreateProcess


Add a function to start a new process with hooks
attached to it from the beginning.
Probably means to start process in suspended mode,
attach the hooks and that let the process run.

1) Start monitoring allocations immediatly after
attaching to process?
2) Option to stop monitoring when all other threads of
process exit?


  • Ramki

    Ramki - 2008-04-01

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    am new to this tool.
    Am having window application which is developed in c# and c++/CLI.
    I would like to trace the memory leaks for this application.

    I am trying to use this tool but am not able to when to start and stop and report the leaks and how to analyze the report log file.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I had a very similar idea. I thought the start/stop could automatically happen, when the main function enters or leaves.
    IMHO, when it comes to finding bugs and memory leaks, this is often not done on the whole application, but on a test project. In my case, I use boost test. Also boost test showed me, that there are leaks in the first place. I tried to get the stack trace for them using WinDbg. But it didm't work out. WinDbg always shows many allocations even at the last point before exit (long after finishing main().
    Also it is difficult to impossible to insert manual points to pause, so I can start monitoring, due to the atomic nature of each test, and the framework doing the invokation.

  • migosh

    migosh - 2009-04-21

    Unfortunately, I don't think I'll have time to implement this feature soon.

    When writing an automatic unittest it should be fairly easy to load the DLL explicitely, and programatically call all start/stop functions. If you'll need any support in using/understanding existing code, I'll be glad to help.



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