Debugging with WinLeak

  • graham.reeds

    graham.reeds - 2008-04-07

    My application has a large resource (memory) leak. I have manually plugged as many holes as I can but the memory usage still rises continuously. So I started looking around for help.

    I found this program but it doesn't show the leaks. It shows the heaviest memory allocations but doesn't give information about the rate of allocations to deallocations.

    + The writing to stack file never gets past stack #2.
    + The stack file shows the memory location, binary and function for Windows function calls, but the function calls of my program are curiously absent (even when running the debug version).

    Sys Info:
    WinXP Pro, VC6sp6.

    Thanks, Graham Reeds.

    • migosh

      migosh - 2008-04-07

      Hi Graham,

      The tool does not provide the direct measure of "rate" of the leaks, but tells you how many bytes were allocated from each call stack, and how many times did it happen.

      If it always shows only 2 call stacks, it's possible that the tool can't find additional causes to the memory leak.

      You can show me the output file, and I can try to help you with understanding the call stack - post it here, or you can use "mgopshtein at gmail dot com".

      The result can also depend on the way you use the tool - the time intervals between (1) start monitoring memory leaks; (2) stop registering new allocations; (3) stop all monitoring + report.



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