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Winjab is Deprecated

A big thanx to all of the folks who have downloaded and enjoyed winjab. I'm totally deprecating winjab now in favor of my new and improved client called Exodus ( Surf there to get the "new" winjab.

Posted by Peter Millard 2003-01-17

Source is now online and working!

For those that have been looking for the source code to WinJab and JabberCOM, everything is now located in the Sourceforge CVS store. Follow the links on the main project page, and consult the sourceforge documentation site for more info on how to use CVS.

Posted by Peter Millard 2000-07-13

New 0.9.2 Builds

Well, I releases Build yesterday, only to have a bug report show a serious bug. DOH! Anyways, build 13 is up and fixes the major chat window problem. The new builds have some cool new stuff (mainly customize each "event" inside WinJab). Many other issues have been resolved also. Check the changelog and notes to see more info.

Posted by Peter Millard 2000-06-06

New Release -

Check it out.. Headlines are now supported, lots of bug fixes, etc. Auto-update logic/code is also in place. check out the change-log for more information. This one seems to be pretty slick.

Posted by Peter Millard 2000-05-16

Build Available

Build 58 of Winjab is available. This build fixes most of the bugs submitted in either Bugzilla or on the SF bugs site. Enjoy.

Posted by Peter Millard 2000-05-04