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version 1.8 beta r4 will be released shortly

Just a small update. Here are the notes:

removed always asking for saving of setting and only ask when changes have actually been made to the config.
changed the save dialoge box message.

thanks go to Asen (smaragdus) on sourceforge for suggesting this to me.

This version will be uploaded shortly as I have been having some troubles with the FRS. For some reason I keep getting permission denied but im the creator of this project so why will you not let me upload.

Posted by Timmo710 2011-04-17

version 1.8 beta r 2 has been released

ok so i released it a few day ago but sourceforge isnt setting it as the default download.

just a few minor bug fixes in this release. this is the one to try now.

development for the latest version has stopped until i figure out a workaround for using WMI as you cant reset the adapter address or even remove the adapters DNS settings using WMI. if anyone has any ideas on achieving this please feel free to share and ill be forever greatfull. anyway i had better sign off and continue searching and testing till i find some way to achieve this.... read more

Posted by Timmo710 2011-03-07

version 1.8 Beta R1 has been released

Please Note that this is BETA R1 and there could be a lot of bugs as this has only been tested on windows xp professional with admin account.

If you find any bugs or have any problems please post them on the forums so I can get to work right away on fixing them.

Ok so I know its been a long time between releases but with personal stuff happening in my life I didn't really get much of a chance to get some solid programing done. Untill now.... read more

Posted by Timmo710 2011-03-02

Version 1.65 has been released

--- version 1.65 ---
only a slight update this time.
made the hiding and showing a little pretty by including the showing of minimise and restore before hiding.
added custom config names. -- thanks again 3w`Sparky from hak.5 forums
changed the welcome message to include a warning.

Posted by Timmo710 2009-07-28

Version 1.4 Has been released

hi all,

i have finally created a new version. thanks for all the input for creating this one.

as always if you find a bug or have suggestions please submit them on the sourceforge page.

Posted by Timmo710 2009-06-02

new version has been uploaded

had some issues with the version i uploaded before. this one is a working version with more changes. still in beta as no one has given feedback. see the changelog for more details.


Posted by Timmo710 2009-04-08

Uploaded Beta Release

Hi everybody, I have uploaded Beta release of my IP address changer for windows and am looking for beta testers. the cool thing about being a beta tester is that when you submit bugs and/or suggestions, you get a mention in the ReadMe.

cheers and have fun

Posted by Timmo710 2009-03-26

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