Fast IP Changerr 1.7 - trembling

  • smaragdus

    smaragdus - 2011-03-04

    Hello, at my machine (XP SP3) there was a problem when I clicked to rename the Config name- the whole window of the application began to tremble, is this a known bug? Then I tested Fast IP Changer 1.8 Beta 2 and there was no problem with renaming.

  • Timmo710

    Timmo710 - 2011-03-04

    The only problem with the config renaming that I am aware of is when you change it you need to save and restart the program for the changes to take affect.

    Is the issue you are having still causing problems in version1.8Beta release 2

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hello, the problem appears only in version 1.7( no problems with versions 1.8 Beta 2 and 1.8 Beta 3), when I click in the Name box, the application begins to tremble. When I click refresh- the trembling disappears. Because I cannot illustrate this issue using a screenshot, I made a small video file which shows what happens at my machine. Below I will provide the download link - a tiny avi file within a 7z archive.

  • smaragdus

    smaragdus - 2011-03-24

    I forgot to log in and that's why the above post is marked as nobody.

  • Timmo710

    Timmo710 - 2011-03-26

    hi, yeah the issue was with the config names. i was trying to get it to refresh the names after you changed the config name but it was doing some weird stuff to the GUI.

    I'm half tempted to remove renaming the config names in the GUI and just have it so you will need to rename them with the ini file. Maybe.

    For now you need to save and restart the program for the changes to the name to take effect.

    Thank you for the input, and if there are any features or anymore bugs that you find please feel free to let me know and i will get started on fixing/updating my handy piece of software.


  • smaragdus

    smaragdus - 2011-04-11

    Hello Timmo,

    In fact this version 1.8 Beta 3 is more stable than the last stable release 1.7, it has never had the problems I mentioned above. After being disappointed by NetSetMan today I totally switched to Fast IP Changer. There is a small problem when I am closing the application, although no changes have been made it asks whether to save changes.



  • Timmo710

    Timmo710 - 2011-04-11

    Hi Asen,

    The program is ment to ask but if you wish it to only ask when changes are made I can set it to do that. Means changing a few functions around and how they are called. But I can do that. Ill get started tonight when I get home from work.

    I am aware that this version should be more stable then the current stable version but I still call this one in beta as I changed around a lot of code (you will notice this just by looking at the source files) and this version still hasn't been fully tested on every operating system.

    I was thinking of releasing the next version as stable as there has not been that many faults in the latest beta.

    Thanks for the input and feedback.



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