Error message

  • John Warner

    John Warner - 2010-01-22

    When I used the program, and I pressed the set button, it gave me an error stating:
    "Note: IP Change Failed, Please Check settings (and cable?)"
    What's wrong…?

  • Timmo710

    Timmo710 - 2010-01-22

    i have recently been notified of a bug. when you dont set a default gateway it will cause the change to fail.
    so try setting the default gateway and testing. if this still doesnt work save your config and copy and paste the config file here.

    i have been working on fixing this, along with a lot of feature updates, speed increasing and just a huge tidy of code. version 1.8 will be a huge update compaired to all the other versions, but its a matter of having the time to do this around working.


  • John Warner

    John Warner - 2010-01-23

    What do I need to set the default GW to?

  • Timmo710

    Timmo710 - 2010-01-23

    This is usually the IP of your router.
    If its a computer to computer/device then you can get away with setting it the same as your new IP.

  • Timmo710

    Timmo710 - 2011-03-02

    error has been fixed in the latest version


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