#1 UTF8 (Phill Wolf) - Review and consider


A URL is included below with complete code to provide
UTF8 support to Win32-GuiTest; which is available in
Perl 5.8. We should review this code and consider
adding it.. However, we should still maintain
compatibility with Perl 5.6!!!!

Phill Wolf <pbwolf@bellatlantic.net> wrote:

No, I didn't succeed in getting in touch with
Ernesto by email, and I
dare not telephone. First, it will surely be the
middle of the night in
England wherever he is; and second, my English is
not good enough for
long-distance telephone calls.

So, please proceed on your plans, with my blessings.

I updated some of the GuiTest functions to work
with Unicode in Perl
5.8. In this day and age, there is just no reason
for us to embarrass
ourselves with programs that assume an 8-bit
character or frustrate the
commingling of tongues! And I moved the test-cases,
in hopes that future
ActiveState distros might include GuiTest. I have a
hunch that their
(doubtless) automated build system excludes modules
whose "make
test" tests show an error. GuiTest uses Windows
Notepad and calculator
as its playpens, but they change with every version
of Windows, and they
might not be on the path; so there are inevitably

As moral support for your efforts to locate Mr
Guisado, I have put a
hypothetical "1.4" version of Win32::GuiTest in my
paltry web-space at

-- with any
luck, Ernesto will spring from obscurity and
integrate it with his own
advances. So if you should happen to find him,
would you please point it



  • Chris Hilton

    Chris Hilton - 2004-04-26
    • assigned_to: nobody --> duality72
  • Chris Hilton

    Chris Hilton - 2004-06-24

    Logged In: YES

    I reviewed the above code, reduced it to its code
    essentials, and am attaching a patch for further review. I
    don't know much about UTF-8, but this compiles for me and
    seems to work fine. The only changes I left out was changing
    3 references in guitest.pm from "GetWindowText" to
    "GetWindowTextW" (approximately lines 361, 441, and 577); I
    don't think this is desirable and/or necessary once the
    decision to call UseUnicodeFunctions() is made in the BEGIN

  • Chris Hilton

    Chris Hilton - 2004-06-24

    Unified diff patch for adding UTF-8 support to main branch as of 24 Jun 2004


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