Ankit - 2012-09-14

Problem in getting text of the tree node using Win32::GuiTest::Treeview for Windows 64 bit application.

Win32::GuiTest::Treeview module is not able to fetch the text of the tree node for Windows 64 bit application. Here in this module there is a function GetItemText() output blank for the child nodes. Please see the small demo script. Please help me out if you have any idea otherwise we will have to move on to some other technology for 64 bit application. Thanks.

use warnings;
use Win32::GuiTest qw(:ALL);
use Win32::GuiTest::TreeView;
use Data::Dumper;
use Win32;
# Get the handle of window object
my @SEHandle = FindWindowLike(undef,$Title,'SysTreeView32','32783',und +ef);
if (!$SEHandle) { return 0; } sleep 2;
# Find the number of child handles and store in an array
my @ChildTree = Win32::GuiTest::TreeView::GetChildList_H($SEHandle) +;
foreach my $Child (@ChildTree) {
my $Text = Win32::GuiTest::TreeView::GetItemText($SEHandle,$Chi +ld);
Win32::MsgBox("Text = $Text"); }