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Commit Date  
[r605] by bjorng

Replaced CRLF line terminators with LF terminators.

2009-04-25 08:38:43 Tree
[r604] by bjorng

Bumped version to 0.99.60.

2009-04-25 08:37:10 Tree
[r603] by bjorng

Added .gitignore file.

2009-04-25 06:32:14 Tree
[r602] by bjorng

Using erlang:{max,min}/2 instead of wings_util:{max,min}/2.

2009-04-24 04:40:44 Tree
[r601] by bjorng

Using the built in Unicode conversion in R13B instead of our home-built.

2009-04-24 04:40:16 Tree
[r600] by bjorng

Using gb_trees:map/2 directly, and removed wings_util:gb_trees_map/2. Using queue:member/2 without fallback. (Requires R13B.)

2009-04-24 04:39:58 Tree
[r599] by bjorng

Using {gb_sets,ordsets}:is_disjoint/2 to test whether two sets are disjoint (requires R13B).

2009-04-24 04:39:31 Tree
[r598] by antoneos

Removed executable property

2009-04-23 15:36:16 Tree
[r597] by antoneos

Added Id tag/property

2009-04-23 15:27:46 Tree
[r596] by antoneos

Added Id tag

2009-04-23 15:08:41 Tree
[r595] by antoneos

Added Id tag

2009-04-23 15:06:24 Tree
[r594] by antoneos

Added Id property

2009-04-23 15:00:17 Tree
[r593] by antoneos

Added Id property

2009-04-23 14:59:37 Tree
[r592] by optigon

correction to drag for tds

2009-04-23 03:48:52 Tree
[r591] by optigon

Changed hard edge default colour to orange. Changed masked vertices display size handling.

2009-04-22 16:37:49 Tree
[r590] by optigon

More tweak mode clean up and bugfixes

2009-04-22 03:07:31 Tree
[r589] by optigon


2009-04-21 21:18:38 Tree
[r588] by optigon

removed basic menu strings from wpc_constraints.erl

2009-04-21 19:51:04 Tree
[r587] by optigon
2009-04-21 17:20:24 Tree
[r586] by optigon

Added vertex colour detection to Select Similar Materials. Improved searching for connected faces for both Similar Normals and Materials.

2009-04-21 17:09:04 Tree
[r585] by optigon


2009-04-21 15:12:01 Tree
[r584] by optigon

rewrite of Circularise to improve code and features

2009-04-20 20:33:16 Tree
[r583] by bjorng


2009-04-19 05:12:21 Tree
[r582] by bjorng

The 0.99.55 release.

2009-04-19 05:07:29 Tree
[r581] by optigon

implemented custom secondary selections a little better than they were before. Good for plugin writers.

2009-04-18 18:13:52 Tree
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